Sustainability approach

Submitted by sia@cairo_2018 on Wed, 12/13/2017 - 09:49

Since sustainability is an important issue for GIZ, PSME, EP, Egyptian Government and the entire SIA community, the organisers of the conference intended to integrate sustainability aspects into the conference planning and while the conference takes place. In this respect, important features are:

Minimising transport during conference

  • Accommodation was provided (except one Hotel) at or in walking distance to the conference venue
  • Joint collection services was organised from and to Cairo Airport.

Reducing waste generation

  • Conference rooms was equipped with color-coded waste bins for waste separation
  • Writing pads provided to the participants were made from recycling paper.

Motivating participants  

  • to order vegetarian food for their meals 
  • to sort their waste
  • to use few or no plastic bottle for drinks
  • to switch off electricity when leaving their hotel rooms
  • to save water during showering and toilet use
  • to use hotel towels several days
  • to use the provided bus shuttle or public transport when moving through the city.