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Urban-industrial environmental management in Mexico (PGAU II)


Based on a previous project on urban-industrial environmental management the current project follows a more comprehensive approach to urban environmental problems in selected cities and the promotion of sustainable patterns of production and consumption. It focuses on three areas:

  1. Environmental governance: Appropriate tools are being developed to create the framework and incentives for Mexico’s ‘green’ development.
  2. Urban environmental management: Activities are targeting those who directly cause environmental problems at a local level working directly with selected cities.
  3. Sustainable production and services: The project takes into account the entire lifecycle of products and services to ensure sustainable improvements at all stages, focuses on the tourism industry, public procurement and sustainable industrial locations, and aims at improving green skills. Environmental partnerships with the private sector will increasingly play an important role in this area.

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  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • Energy and energy efficiency
  • Good management practices
  • Incorporating circular economy concepts