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Sustainable Management of Industrial Areas (ReCapZI)

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On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the project "Sustainable management of industrial and Industrial estates" (ReCapZI) supported different actors at national, regional and local levels, on managing industrial and commercial areas in a more sustainable way.[giz1]

This support consisted of various activities in three priorities:

  • the design and planning of industrial and commercial areas
  • organizational development and training for the management teams in the industrial and commercial areas
  • improvement of the legal and organizational conditions

Main activities of the project were:

  • develop new standards for the design and planning of industrial and commercial areas
  • build a network of management associations (Groupement de Gestion et de Maintenance, GMG), to strengthen experiences of all GMGs permanently
  • develop instruments and methods for the professionalization of GMGs
  • promote discussion rounds to find solutions for the problems of industrial areas (round tables)
  • develop an approach that allows informed decisions about industrial areas on the basis of statistical data
  • promote the convergence between different actors (e.g. joint training and study tours, cross-institutional project-steering committee)

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Role and responsibilities of self-management associations (Groupement de Maintenance et de Gestion – GMG)




  • Tunisia
  • MENA
  • Good management practices