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Energy Sector Reform Program: Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency (EPEE)


The energy policies of key institutions at the national and sub-national levels are guided by the overall objective of achieving sustainability and successfully implementing measures to increase resource and energy efficiency.

The programme intends to achieve its objective by way of a multi-level approach. As part of the programme’s political consulting aspect, strategies, concepts, regulations and standards for enhancing energy and resource efficiency will be developed. In offering raining and capacity development, the consulting competence of the involved institutions shall be improved, enabling them to independently offer expertise to industry and politics in the future. The programme consists of four individually developed but mutually agreed upon components.

  • Component 1 provides energy policy advice at the national and provincial levels.
  • Component 2 assists in the establishment and qualification of consultancy structures for energy efficiency.
  • Component 3 offers support in the development of regulative instruments for promoting energy efficiency.
  • Component 4 supports in the efficient utilisation of energy resources and their by-products.





  • China
  • Asia
  • Energy and energy efficiency