Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies (4E)



The 4E Program operates in all Central American countries; strengthening institutions and their use of dissemination platforms, particulary targeting the Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SICA), to disseminate lessons learned and best practices, such as the ones accumulated in the first phase of the program. It promotes regional exchanges to improve framework conditions, which in turn contributes to increased implementation of 4E throughout the region. The program also develops courses and dialogue platforms for deciscion makers, executives of the various ministries and public sector officials. It encourages cooperation among training and education organizations, vocational centers, leaders of 4E issues and climate change mitigation. It also offers specific courses for project developers and executives of financial institutiones.

A specific demand in the region triggers measures that are replicated at the following levels:

  • Policy and Administration: Support for national governments and public administrations to improve the framework conditions for renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures.
  • Service Markets: Institutional and personal capacity building for the implementation of 4E projects (train the trainers, improve trade services and project financing).
  • Demonstration Projects: Support private enterprises and public institutions in initiatives for the implementation of different renewable energy and energy projects, to further develop case studies for their dissemination and use in training.


2014 to 2017

Project status

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Central America

Energy efficiency

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