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EKF - Water efficiency in the Textile Industry


The project operates at different levels: At the macro level, the policy, strategy and expert advice of the Ministry of Textile Industry (MoT) improve the legal and political framework for water efficiency measures and composite solutions (sustainable industrial parks) in the textile industry. At the meso level, technical qualifications are taught and capacities for disseminating efficiency-enhancing technologies, standards and management systems in the industry are built up and their resilience strengthened. At the micro level, information on the production of water balances is generated for the first time and efficiency measures are introduced and disseminated in companies. In order to improve efficiency in water use, management consultants and resource managers in medium-sized textile companies are trained. Associations and service providers will be able to carry out further professional training independently and to implement environmental management systems.

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  • Pakistan
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  • Energy and energy efficiency
  • Updating standard curriculum for sustainability in textiles
  • Water supply and water efficiency
  • Reducing water use (processes and utilities)