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Introducing SIA:

When starting to promote sustainable industrial development or to assist industrial areas in their various stages of development, it is important to understand the status quo of industrial areas in the country, such as the management models and the local political, economic, environmental and social framework conditions guiding the national SIA development. This requires for example an analysis/baseline study of the most important aspects and of course formats to raise awareness on different policy levels.

Designing SIA:

A good planning process is one cornerstone of a sustainable industrial area. This applies equally to both, new-planned industrial parks and old ones that need to be retrofitted. Already during the site selection process and master planning of a new park it is important to create SIA friendly framework conditions. To foster sustainability, a wider approach is necessary which comprises all aspects of infrastructure and logistics, supply of energy, water and goods, collection and treatment of effluents and waste as well as provision of communication networks and social services.

Operating SIA:

For sustainably operated industrial areas it is necessary to assist functioning management structures that help to maintain an open flow of information and the creation of transparent structures within the industrial area, as well as to foster a stakeholder process to reach a high level of acceptance of the residents surrounding the industrial area. Ongoing environmental monitoring and climate risk management ensure smooth production processes and minimize possible negative impacts on environment and local communities.