Study on "Industry 4.0 in Sustainable Industrial Areas in Emerging and Developing Countries"
Case Study

The study “Industry 4.0 in Sustainable Industrial Areas in Emerging and Developing Countries - Applicability of Technologies and the Role of the Park Management“ has been developed by the Sustainable Industrial Area Working Group (SIA WG) and the Provadis University (Industrial Park Höchst).


Why SIA and Industry 4.0?


The SIA WG aims at generating expertise and bringing in new SIA relevant topics. Therefore, it has been seeking for opportunities to integrate the topic Industry 4.0 into their work in industrial areas.


What is the study all about?


The study is a small scale, practice oriented study on Industry 4.0. The study describes how Industry 4.0 may be used to foster sustainability and to enhance the sustainable performance of industrial areas in developing and emerging countries. Furthermore, the status quo of Industry 4.0 implementation in 6 industrial areas in China, Egypt and India is described, using the Industrial Park Höchst as a benchmark. An overall impression with regard to the readiness of the analyzed industrial areas for Industry 4.0 is also shared within the study.


Key findings of the study


  • Focusing on the park management of industrial areas, the highest potential of Industry 4.0 applications is seen in the fields of energy management, waste management and logistics.
  • The park management is a catalyst for enhancing Industry 4.0 related technologies and business trends.
  • Next to the need of improving technical expertise and innovation capacity, a national and site-specific roadmap for Industry 4.0 is needed.
  • One core challenge is establishing capacity building initiatives of employees to gain digital literacy.


Phase of intervention
Introducing SIA, Designing SIA, Operating SIA

Level of intervention
Park management

Target groups
Industrial area management and operator, Policy makers, Private investors