SIA Guidelines

GIZ and its SIA Working Group are very active in developing guidelines for sustainable industrial areas and intend to stimulate a worldwide standard setting process. The GIZ SIA Guidelines shall give orientation when establishing sustainable industrial parks or developing a legal framework for sustainable industrial area development. The structure of the GIZ Guidelines for sustainable industrial areas is based on the following four features – organisational features, economic and infrastructure features, environmental features and social features.

UNIDO, the WORLD BANK GROUP and GIZ are working on international guidelines and a handbook on minimum requirements and performance monitoring for eco-industrial parks.



Main features and components

The SIA Guidelines for the development of Sustainable Industrial Areas focus on the management level of an industrial zone or park. They intend to guide the industrial area as a whole to become more sustainable. The focus of the guidelines does not lie on the individual companies. The sus­tainability performance of companies inside the area is assumed to be guided by respective sector or company related rules or standards. However, a sustainability framework on park level is likely to initiate and promote also positive changes at company level.

The four aspects highlighted and some exemplary features are:

  • Organisational Features: Site master planning, management structure, networking and cooperation, and disaster risk management.
  • Economic and Infrastructure Features: Economic viability of management, fiscal effects on the municipality, infrastructure provision and logistics in general.
  • Environmental Features: Promotion of resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis, monitoring and control of emissions, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Social Features: Social infrastructure, promotion of gender equality, security concept, and encouragement of trade unions and NGOs.

Implementation / work steps

The Guidelines consider it necessary and advisable to foresee a staged approach in defining several performance levels (e.g. minimum, medium and advanced) as they can only provide a first overview of the most important sustainability aspects for planning and operating an industrial area. This needs of course further specification and precise definitions. So far, the Guidelines have been translated in Chinese, Spanish and Bahasa /Indonesia.


The SIA Guidelines provide a first overview of the most important sustainability aspects for planning and operating an industrial area.


Phase of intervention
Introducing SIA, Designing SIA, Operating SIA

Level of intervention
Park management, Planning level


Target groups
Industrial area management and operator, Local and international consultants and advisors, Municipalities

Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania