Monitoring SIA
Best Practice Example

Monitoring of various aspects (ambient pollution, risk management and disaster preparedness, occupational health and safety, energy and resource efficiency, etc.) is an important task of any park management. Multi-stakeholder monitoring teams have the advantage of creating transparency and putting the findings and resulting consequences on a multi-stakeholder base.



Main features and components

The main features and components of monitoring instruments are to establish an area-based multi-partite monitoring team in the economic zone that would

  • Ensure regular monitoring of cumulative effects of economic zones and their economic zone locator enterprises' operations,
  • Encourage public participation and stakeholders' vigilance in monitoring environmental impacts,
  • Verify implementation of ECC conditions and Environmental Management Plan and validate their effectiveness,
  • Determine the validity of public complaints relative to the operation of the economic zone,
  • Identify and initiate environmental community programs by economic zones and their locator enterprises.

Implementation / work steps

The establishment of area-based MMT comprises 6 main steps:

  • MMT Orientation of locator enterprises
  • Discussions with members to develop the MMT concept for the zone. This can take place via meetings or email exchanges.
  • Drafting and signing of MMT MOA
  • Preparation and approval of WFP
  • MMT Competency training of members
  • Drafting and signing of MMT MOO


  • MMT MOA - Outline MMT Concept for the zone
  • MMT MOO - Provide details on the MMT concept including activities and procedures
  • MMT WFP - Define MMT activities and budget
  • Determination of zone environmental quality
  • Environmental awareness of surrounding communities
  • Complaint verification
  • Sharing of resources (Contribution to EMF)

Side effects:

  • Sharing of technical knowledge
  • Communal solution to zone's environmental problems
  • Synergies in implementation of environmental community projects


Phase of intervention
Operating SIA, Management, Social aspects

Level of intervention
Park management


Target groups
Industrial area management and operator



GIZ project
Developing a Management Approach for Eco-Industrial Development in Philippine Economic Zones