Jiangsu Provincial Circular Economy Public Service Platform
Case Study

On May 28, 2015, Jiangsu Provincial Circular Economy Public Service Platform has officially been online. Suzhou Environmental Energy Exchange as a market operator, will enrich resources for circular economy enterprises, implement the service policy, and promote the system establishment and development for Jiangsu Industrial Symbiosis project. The main functions includes news release, resource sharing and background management.

Main features and components

This platform has 7 Core Business Module (Provincial Level).

  • Policy Guide

  • Data Monitor

  • Resource Trade

  • Management Consultation

  • Technology Service

  • Green Finance

  • Green Community

It is running in a way of Government plus Market.

Jiangsu Information Centre represents government and mainly responsible for:

1)Integrity Demand

2)Server Operation

3)Information Resources

4)Public Service

5)Decision Assistant

Suzhou Environment Energy Exchange running the role of market and mainly responsible for:

  1. Market Operation: Supply and demand matching;

    Waste exchange, green finance, etc.

  2. Construct service system covering Jiangsu Province


  1. 7 industrial symbiosis workshops are successfully held in Jiangsu Province. Provide free consultancies and training for 416 companies and generate 369 pairs of initial matching on site.

  2. Up to December 2017, 8 pairs of companies start business cooperation and many others are still in business preparation.

  3. Estimated CO2 emission nearly 1 million tons.


Phase of intervention
Operating SIA, Management, Resource efficiency, Climate change

Level of intervention
Park management, Planning level

Climate Change, Energy efficiency

Target groups
Companies, SME, Industrial area management and operator



GIZ project
Climate Change Mitigation through Low Carbon Compound Projects in Jiangsu’s Cities

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