Energy Management Workbook

The workbook can be used to provide the key steps for organizing, planning and implementing of an Energy Management (EM) Programme in an Industrial Park and is therefore also addressed at environmental and energy management staff in companies. The EM Workbook provides a guideline for this process and important templates required to set-up an Energy Management Programme for an Industrial Park.



Main features and components

The Energy Management Workbook is designed to provide an easy path through the process of setting-up and operating an Energy Management (EM) Programme. Following the key steps guide through the process. At various stages within the Workbook, references are made to ‘Toolkit Items’ – these may be publications or presentations etc. A detailed list of Toolkit Items is provided in the appendices of the Workbook.

Implementation / work steps

The Workbook describes the sequence of 5 working steps:

  • Step 1: Get Commitment
  • Step 2: Understand
  • Step 3: Plan and Organise
  • Step 4: Implement
  • Step 5: Control and Monitor


  • A minimum number of companies participating – approx. 20% of the companies in the industrial park
  • Big energy consumers should participate
  • Meeting of companies to get a vote for agreement for the programme – details of necessary agreement are given in the workbook
  • Commitment of top level staff and staff of the participating companies


  • Energy Consumption Baseline for each company
  • Energy Action Plan for each company
  • Energy Audit Report for each company
  • Consolidated Energy Consumption Data for the industrial park
  • Skills established in companies
  • Energy Teams in companies


Phase of intervention
Designing SIA, Retrofitting

Level of intervention
Company, Park management

Energy efficiency, Management

Target groups
Companies, SME, Industrial area management and operator



GIZ project
Developing a Management Approach for Eco-Industrial Development in Philippine Economic Zones

Approx. 6 months


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