Corporate Climate Change Strategies Training Toolkit

The Corporate Climate Change Strategies Training Toolkit is aimed at developing the capacities of management within industrial parks and companies regarding climate change related issues. Its objective is to enable the development of a corporate strategy for addressing climate change related challenges and opportunities.

The training module on Corporate Climate Change Strategies (3CS) was developed in the framework of the CoSMIC - Corporate Sustainability Management in Indian Companies Program. CoSMIC is a GIZ program financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ), Germany.

The 3Cs training toolkit aims at supporting companies to better address GHG emissions and Climate Change issues in their organization by:

  • Highlighting the benefits of GHG / CO2 mitigation and new business opportunities
  • Introducing the background and international obligations and commitments related to Climate Change
  • Enabling the companies to monitor their GHG emissions
  • Assisting them in designing concrete actions and a Corporate Climate Change Strategy


Main features and components

The training can also be implemented as a train-the-trainers course. The training toolkit comprises 9 units:

  • Scientific background and impacts (presentation and discussion)
  • International policies and regimes (presentation and discussion)
  • Carbon balance in business (presentation, group work and exercises)
  • Carbon accounting (presentation, group work, exercises and result tool)
  • Emerging trends and business outlooks (presentation and role play)
  • Mitigation strategies (presentation, group work and exercises)
  • Adaptation strategies (presentation, group work, exercises and result tool)
  • Integrating climate change into the corporate strategy (presentation, group work, exercises and result tool)
  • Case studies (presentation)
  • The result is a corporate climate change strategy

Implementation / work steps

See section “Main Features and Components”


Corporate Climate Change Strategy


Phase of intervention
Operating SIA, Climate change

Level of intervention
Company, Park management

Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Mitigation, Management

Target groups
Companies, SME, Industrial area management and operator, Local and international consultants and advisors



In-house workshop with a customized 2- or 4-days program