Climate Risk Management in established Industrial Zones - Guide for Industrial Zones Managers

The guide is a practical manual for Industrial Zone Managers to help them develop an Adaptation Strategy in a participative process. The guide gives in-depth information concerning the topic of Climate change and adaptation, and enables them to do a quick assessment of their vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and to develop an adaptation strategy. The guide furthermore provides recommendations on how to integrate Adaptation into the management activities and service offer of an industrial zone, and how to raise awareness about the topic among their enterprises. Methodologies, analytical frameworks, best cases and further references are provided, as well as recommendations based on the project experience in Morocco. It is available in French.



Main features and components

The objectives of the guide are:

  • Provide an introduction to Climate Risks and Adaptation for industrial zones
  • Provide recommendations and tools on how to develop an adaptation strategy for an industrial zone
  • Provide recommendations and tools on how industrial zone managers can raise awareness and strengthen the climate resilience of businesses

The guide was developed following a bottom-up approach. It is based on the learnings from PSACC pilot project in the region of Souss-Massa, one of the most vulnerable regions to CC in Morocco. A climate risk analysis was conducted for the Ait Melloul Industrial zone, which is located in Agadir and managed by the Commune and a business association. In order to generalize the approach, a workshop was held with a collective of industrial zones (CoZInE), which gathers a variety of industrial zones and parks with different management structures.

Implementation / work steps

The Guide provides information, practical tools, case studies and recommendations to support Industrial Zone managers in conducting a climate risk analysis and developing an adaptation strategy.

Part A: Industrial Zones and Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Definition and key issues around adaptation for industrial zones
  • Key facts on Climate Change in Morocco
  • Understanding climate risks and opportunities
  • Definition of Impact areas for industrial zones
  • Short catalogue of adaptation measures

Part B: Implementing an adaptation strategy

  • A step-by-step approach for conducting a climate risk analysis
  • Development and implementation of an adaptation strategy
  • Tools and recommendations to support the adaptation process
  • Analysis of actors (stakeholder map) to be involved in the adaptation process

Part C: Building Adaptation Capacity of Industrial Zones

  • General recommendations from PSACC project experience
  • Enabling factors to support industrial zone managers in their adaptation process


Phase of intervention
Operating SIA, Climate change

Level of intervention
Park management

Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management

Target groups
Industrial area management and operator



GIZ project
Private Sector Adaptation to Climate Change (PSACC)

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