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COPLAN - Cooperation Platform Northern Latin America II


The project strengthens and expands the Cooperation Platform for Northern Latin America (COPLAN), thus improving cooperation among institutions of the German, Mexican and Central American private sectors, as well as economic development organisations, and training institutes, with a focus on fomenting the sustainable transfer and use of international environmental and climate technologies. Thereby, COPLAN contributes to sustainable economic development and environmental and climate protection in the region.

The project carries out the following activities:

  • support trade associations and other institutions that promote foreign trade and investment
  • strengthen their environmental and climate technology competencies (technologies for renewable energy, energy efficiency, wastewater treatment, waste management and resource efficiency)
  • promote the exchange of experience and communication among the countries of the region, and
  • support the development and introduction of demand-oriented modular training in the field of environmental and climate technology and promote trainer training
  • support pilot projects aimed at the transfer, adaptation and implementation of innovative environmental and climate technologies in the region

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  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • Energy and energy efficiency