PremaNet e. V.

PremaNet e. V.

PREMA® is a training programme for small and medium-sized companies, producing goods or offering services. The successful implementation of PREMA® rewards clients with a triple-win:

  • Reducing the cost of producing goods and services.
    This increases profit margins for businesses and reduces operational budgets for services.
  • Improving environmental performance.
    This lowers the environmental burden caused by a company’s operation and optimizes the enterprise for managing upcoming environmental regulations. When companies reduce the use of inputs, they also save valuable natural resources.
  • Enhancing organisational capabilities.
    This enhances employees' responsibility and dedication, leading to improved enterprise performance and productivity.

PREMA® networks international professionals…

PREMA® is a trademark-protected training programme. It is a time-tested operational and organisational methodology, delivered through a global network of experienced and skilled trainers. PREMA® is delivered by a multinational team of experts and licensed trainers while integrating qualified domestic knowledge and know-how.

PREMA® implements measures practically to achieve a triple-win for the enterprise. The programme is designed to substantially

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Build organisational capabilities.

Our clients are international development organisations, consultants or individual companies in all sectors.


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